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From Start to...well almost finished

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From Start to...well almost finished

Back in August, my husband Brian and I decided that Sasha Walsh Designs would finally take the plunge, leave Boston, and move to Vermont. That being said there were a TON of logistics to work out in order to make this happen like for instance, WHERE?! 

After looking around the Mad River Valley for commercial properties we decided it would be best for us to build our own space...I have basically zero experience in this field and Brian had a small bit of experience from build a house when he was in High School. 

With a lot of planning, we jumped feet first into the project, ripping the roof off of our existing wood shop and leveling a floor eight feet off the ground for the second floor which was soon to be the metals studio.

We set the floor, raised the walls, built the roof line and got the windows in all before the first snow fall.  Updates to follow as we start to finish the interior!

We have been so grateful for all of the help from our family and friends on this project.  Thank you Uncle Andy, Jay, Dougy Fresh, Mom, Don, Jakey, VerJeff, Bosman & Kate and special last but not least my main squeeze Brian. 


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